About Me

Quick Facts

Brief Bio

I love technology, the outdoors, and time with my family. I’m logic oriented, I love to code and sometimes even wake up from a dream about code knowing how to fix a problem on a customer’s website or application – and it almost always works.  I love civil debates, whether it be politics, science, or religion and believe that debates are very healthy to society helping both parties to grow by accepting an opposing view or by learning new facts they may not have been aware of.  I love to learn and I’m incredibly open-minded to new ideas, facts, and methods.

Family Status

I’m a happily married man with four teenagers, two young men, and two young ladies.  I was married to my only wife in 2001 while in the United States Army.

Employment History

As a teenager growing up, my first job was at my uncle’s hog farm in Duplin County, North Carolina.  I learned the value of hard labor and the value of the American Dollar.  It was a valuable life lesson but not my a line of work to my tastes.  I then tried retail and finally settled in before I graduated working for DuplinNet as the night tech support manager.  I feel in love with computers and realized my career.

Right after graduation I entered the United States Army and selected my MOS 74G.  I was then Stationed in Stuttgart, Germany where my unit would be deployed two times to Afghanistan (after 9-11) before I would sustain an injury and have to return home.

After my honorable discharge from the United States Army, I began work with several companies.  Inttek, FR&T, and even ExeCom Computers before realizing I had changed and had become intolerant to civilian chaos.

I started my own tech company focused on hiring veterans so that if any were like me, and felt civilian life as sandpaper on an eyeball, they would have a place to call home.

I opened MLW & Accociates, LLC in January 2012, in which I bought the name and website, “Goldsboro Web Development” from myself. I have been running and growing this company ever since.


My Religion

I’m a Christian, but not the common variety.  I haven’t attended church in over five years and I still consider myself to be a devout Christian.  “When you gather in my name, I am there” is what the Bible teaches us.  The modern concept of a “Church” or “Congregation” wasn’t established until the council of Nicea.  Insodoing, I also reject much of the texts that were injected into the Holy Bible during this politically charged time in history including texts that exclude women from being involved and running a Church.

My Politics

I’m a conservative-leaning libertarian.  Think a dirty mix of Rand Paul and Ted Cruze.  I believe dearly in the second amendment and do not believe it applies to hunting rifles because I don’t think our founding fathers had any fear of tyrannical wild-life.  I don’t believe any limitations should be placed on firearms in the United States and I am a proponent of those who provide statistics that guns are connected with murder rates.  In fact, I’ve proven time and time again, that the tighter gun control is for an area or state, the more murders there are.  One of my more famous quotes on Facebook and Our State magazine is,

Gun control is the logical equivelant of requiring rapists to wear condoms.

I’m also pro-life because I believe in the founding documents and everyone’s inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  I believe that the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence limits our choices when those choices remove one of the previously stated inalienable rights and therefore, I do not believe anyone has the right to chose death for anyone without due process regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

I believe the government should be greatly reduced and limited by the people, not the states.  I don’t believe in anarchy and have problems with fellow libertarians who want to abolish the police, ICE, FBI, etc.  While I believe their roles should be reduced, I still believe they are useful in some situations if they are tightly regulated.

I don’t believe it is right for our nation to be the world’s police force.  I believe our presence in the world should be limited to our own nation unless we are defending our nation, in which case, there should never be a ceasefire and our forces shouldn’t come home until everyone in the hostile nation has been wiped or has surrendered and disavowed their government.

I do not believe in democracy — that is a pure democracy.  Benjamin Franklyn tells us why this is a bad idea:

Democracy is best characterized as two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

My politics are guided by two famous quotes.

When a people fears a government, there is tyranny.  When a government fears a people, there is liberty.

— Benjamin Franklyn

They who sacrifice one ounce of freedom for one pound of security, deserve and get neither

— George Washington

I’m pro-equal rights.  I believe women, men, homosexuals, black, white, and Latino should all be seen as equals under the law.  Sadly, that’s not the case.  In my state, it is a greater crime for a male to strike a female ( “Assault on a Female” NCGS 14-33c ) than it is for her to strike a male.  It is also a greater crime for a white citizen to strike a black citizen ( “Hate Crimes” NCGS 14-3 ) than it is for a black citizen to strike a white citizen.

While judges do tend to rule against black men more than white men, they also tend to rule against white men more than white or black women, especially in family court or civil court.

These are prejudices our government needs to get rid of entirely.

I do not care what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.  I don’t care if you are bi, homosexual, or heterosexual – it’s frankly none of my business.  However, when you try and tell my child that it’s “cooler” to be gay, or that they are “contributing to overpopulation” by being straight in attempts to shame their orientation or convince them to try a gay lifestyle, or if you try and force my company to do something it normally wouldn’t do to fit a gay lifestyle, you just made it my business and I’ll damn sure let you know that you just made it my business.