About Me

Quick Facts

Brief Bio

I'm a free-spirited, constitution-loving, first amendment exercising, second amendment enforcing, US Army Veteran. I'm a logic engine.  I think, dream, and talk code.  I am known to have a programming problem when I go to sleep and wake up at 2:00am, run to the computer, and fix that problem because I dreamed of a solution - completely serious.   When someone enters a debate with me, they had better be prepared because I do not tolerate fallacies and rarely am I caught basing my arguments on one.

Family Status

I'm a happily married man with four teenagers, two young men, and two young ladies.  I was married to my only wife in 2001 while in the United States Army.

Employment History

As a teenager growing up, my first job was at my uncle's hog farm in Duplin County, North Carolina.  I learned the value of hard labor and the value of the American Dollar.  It was a valuable life lesson but not my a line of work to my tastes.  I then tried retail and finally settled in before I graduated working for DuplinNet as the night tech support manager.  I feel in love with computers and realized my career.

Right after graduation I entered the United States Army and selected my MOS 74G.  I was then Stationed in Stuttgart, Germany where my unit would be deployed two times to Afghanistan (after 9-11) before I would sustain an injury and have to return home.

After my honorable discharge from the United States Army, I began work with several companies.  Inttek, FR&T, and even ExeCom Computers before realizing I had changed and had become intolerant to civilian chaos.

I started my own tech company focused on hiring veterans so that if any were like me, and felt civilian life as sandpaper on an eyeball, they would have a place to call home.

I opened MLW & Accociates, LLC in January 2012, in which I bought the name and website, "Goldsboro Web Development" from myself. I have been running and growing this company ever since.


My Religion

I'm a Christian, but not the common variety.  I haven't attended church in over five years and I still consider myself to be a devout Christian.  "When you gather in my name, I am there" is what the Bible teaches us.  The modern concept of a "Church" or "Congregation" wasn't established until the council of Nicea.  Insodoing, I also reject much of the texts that were injected into the Holy Bible during this politically charged time in history including texts that exclude women from being involved and running a Church.

My Politics

I am a far-right conservative and constitutionalist.  I can recite the entire Constitution, even backward, and every Article and Amendment.  I'm not a conservative because of what I believe, I'm a conservative because of what I know.  For instance:  I know that our founding fathers were terrified of a strong, central government, because the first Constitution ratified by the United States, called, "The Articles of Confederation" specifically says so in the preamble.   I also know that the idea of "a living and breathing document" was created by the political motivators of the United States that desires a bigger and stronger government.  And I also know that Article V in our current Constitution was written for the specific purpose of reigning in an out-of-control strong central government.

With that said, I know that our founding fathers, NEVER INTENDED for our constitution to be "a living and breathing document".  Instead, they meant it as-is.

My politics are guided by two famous quotes.

When a people fears a government, there is tyranny.  When a government fears a people, there is liberty.

-- Benjamin Franklyn

They who sacrifice one ounce of freedom for one pound of security, deserve and get neither

-- George Washington