Over five years ago, someone – a script kiddy wannabe – decided to create the website https://thetruthaboutmichaelwells.com to try and dox and troll me. Well, one of the mistakes was bringing my kids into this. If you want to see Daddy-Bear go on the offensive, throw his kids in the mix of what ever gripes you have against him.

That’s what I did. I hired a law firm to go after the website and the creator. A few months later, the website goes offline and then online again for a few weeks and then ultimately, it goes back offline after the creator claimed it was so easy to keep the website online indefinately.

This brings me back to this old conversation that the creator/script-kiddy touted as a victory conversation:

This didn’t age well, obviously.

This epic now comes to a close with the law firm letting me know the domain name was taken from the person and was available to me. I scooped it up, and directed it to my own blog, the best $9 per year one could spend.

Well, that’s all folks. If you want to know who Michael Wells is, here I am. I have my flaws, I have my faults, but I do my best to improve who I am each and every day I wake up. Sometimes I fail in that mission, sometimes I succeed. But over all I live my life in a constant battle to follow a commandment left to me by Jesus Christ – to be more like Jesus Christ; an impossible commandment, but none-the-less one I strive to achieve in His name and for His glory.