The past 2 weeks has been somewhat – interesting – for me and the reality of this witch hunt has personally fallen upon myself.

A little over a month ago I get an email in my Gmail account.

Let’s just be real here: Who would see this in their Gmail inbox and think it was anything but a piece of spam trying to get your Social Security Number?

I get another a few weeks back, very similar, but this time, it’s got my full name on it.

This time there was also a CC name and I Googled that name to find that it’s an actual Congressional Investigator. This follows the above email.

Obviously the email wasn’t spam. I did what any decent human being would do as well. I alerted my militia that I had been served by Congress. In doing so, Sandeep sent me this email.

To which I notified him:

If we had anything to hide, we would simply copy it to Hillary Clinton’s email server because what difference does it make at this point?

Email to House Select Committee

Groan and cringe all you want, but it’s a serious statement illustrating the sheer hypocrisy coming from this congress. I was also sure to correct him on his “January 6 Attack on the Capitol”:

You mean ‘mostly peaceful protest’ at the Capitol, right?

Email to House Select Committee

The day after I get the subpoena effectuated by the US Marshalls service through the local Sheriff’s Department, I get a visit from the FBI who want to talk to me about my January 6th involvement. Same accusations, same questions. They did have one other point of concern.

I replied to a friend on Facebook a year (or so) ago who said he had a friend who had the ATF just break down his door without a warrant and I replied:

I wish a motherfucker would. It would be Wako 2.0 around here.

Facebook Post

Obviously, the mention of Wako had the FBI a little miffed but I told them straight to their face:

You came to my door, knocked, and asked politely and respectfully to talk. Therefor, we are talking, civilly and respectfully. But make no mistake, if you had broken down my door – my dog told me you were in the yard as soon as you drove up, the gas can by the backdoor would have exploded within seconds and more agents would have arrived come here trying to illegally detain me. In this state if you enter my house unlawfully you are not doing so by any authority of a badge or shield and therefor you are treated under State Law as an intruder which means I have the right to drop you where you stand. So yes, unlawfully entering my house will result in a Wako 2.0.

Things I actually said to the FBI.

On April 6th, I visited the US Capitol and was sure to be there at the door at 9:30am. I’m then told by Capitol Police that they had been instructed not to let anyone with Subpoenas inside. It wasn’t until 10:30am that Capitol Police was able to get a staffer to return their call, 30 minutes after my appearance time. Do the math. Thankfully this CPD Sergeant stated to the woman that I was there at 9:30 am and told me he would testify to that under oath.

After having my record run right then and there, being searched by the Secret Service, I was able to go home and that’s exactly what we did.

On the deposition day, I was put under oath and one thing astonishing that happened, over 1/2 of the interview was questions such as:

Do you think it is reasonable to believe that Former President Trump called patriots to DC to attack the Capitol?

Interview Question from Sandeep

Why are they asking me this question? Especially after I presented my GPS data to them as part of the data delivery in compliance with the subpoena.


If you’re going to frame me for something, the worst possible days to do that is on Wednesday and Sunday.

Statement to Sandeep over the Phone

Why? I answered.

Because it would be times which I have the most and strongest alibis – I’m almost always at Church unless I’m sick.

Statement to Sandeep over the Phone

Obviously, this is a witch hunt. Congress and the FBI are targeting Patriots: Those who were not at the US Capitol and had no hand in planning it by evidence of my own subpoena. I’m an Eagle Scout, US Army Combat Veteran, small business owner, and father of 4 young adults (and happily married) so if they would come after me a veteran who maintained a very high level security clearance, they will come after anyone.

Why me? Because I lead a militia and militias challenge their power by being supported by the US Military and capable of removing them (physically) from office. That’s why congress hates the Militias and why they want you to hate us too.

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