TL;DR: Lets focus on our backyards first, m’kay?

I’m a veteran, of the US Army Expeditionary Signal variety which means I know my computers, communications, and had to sometimes operate on one or all of the above while shit was flying over my head and having to run back and forth to cover after “incoming” was yelled.

Naturally, when I got out of the US Army the first thing I did was applied at a few companies. I couldn’t cut it. The reason I was discharged was because of an unavoidable injury sustained in the line of duty which barred me from running or doing situps which were 2 of the 3 requirements to meet the physical fitness standards (you could get a waiver for 1, but not 2). Imagine telling an employer, “Yeah, I can’t bend down to pick that off of the floor”. Yeah, that usually didn’t fly very well. Plus, I found that many employers loved the “hire a vet for 6 months, get $10,000 tax deduction for the year”. That happened twice.

Well, I decided I was tired of hopping from job to job and I was going to do something I was somewhat good at and something that had little to no overhead or startup costs: Web Development.

In 2006 I founded my web development firm (and incorporated it in 2012) that has grown and is supported by over 270 clients ranging from politicians, lawyers, schools, municipalities, realtors, construction companies, and small startup companies.

I’m not “rich”, but I can comfortably support my wife (who goes to school full-time in pursuit of masters in forensic accounting and works full-time as well as a security guard). We learned early on that credit and credit cards are dangerous, very dangerous and for the past TEN years, we have avoided any kind of credit except for a home loan we’re looking into in order to move from a rented house. I paid for our vehicles in cash for the past 8 or more years.

I’m not bragging, I’m letting you know that I had a series of events that were very fortunate but they could have been much less so, and I could have entered a funk after the US Army that I would never leave. That did not happen.

I started my company against the advice of both my mother and father. I knew my circumstance at the time and I knew that even attempting to work for a company with just military training and college credits for this and that, wouldn’t help in any real career. I know two people I served with in my unit that are not so fortunate. One committed suicide about four years ago, the other is currently living out of his car which has no valid tags somewhere in Kentucky. Because that car hasn’t had valid tags or insurance since somewhere in 2011, he has in the ballpark of 8 warrants against him for arrest because he was unable to pay the citations.

This is not some isolated incident.



There are about 40,000 homeless veterans in the United States right this very moment.

And what are we debating? How can we house them? How can we feed them? No, we’re debating how we can import more terrorists that these vets FOUGHT against, and how we can feed and clothe those terrorists.

What kind of sick son of a bitch can sit here and lecture anyone how we should take on more Refugees or Immigrants when we have our own folks and veterans who are out in the streets, starving, freezing, and no place to call “home”? It is sick. It is disgusting. It is the epitome of what it means to be narcissitic and ungrateful. These veterans made a committment to this country and this country made a committment to them that it fails every day at keeping and then turns and invites the same twatsickles they had to fight into their back yards as the ultimate insult.

If you liberals hate veterans so much, why don’t you just put on your big-boy pants and fucking say it it our faces?