I think I’ve officially been “triggered”.

I was reading through facebook and ran across a friend’s post about a female who had been battered by her boyfriend. I looked her up and found something familiar. Her boyfriend was a “thug” and just 12 months ago she posted, “My man’s a badass no one wanna fuck wid him!”

So then she gets pregnant, he bails and she goes after him for child support and he cleans her clock leaving her with two black eyes.

Now you know the full story and now here is my commentary.

Firstly, men: If you hit a woman, you’re a twatsickle douchebag that doesn’t deserve to share the air with me. The sooner you off yourself the better.

But on to the main event here. I can’t — I can’t feel sorry for her as a battered woman. At some point, the receptors and neurons in my brain begin to stop feeling sorry for the overpowering Darwinism part of my brain goes, “Fucking retard, what in the hell did you THINK would happen?”

Sure, it burns me up to see a battered woman, it also lets me know whoever her “baby’s daddy” was is an easy fight and I could manipulate him pretty quick because he has zero self-control (or maybe zero respect for women). But what burns me up even more than that, is women who follow their hormones and urges for “bad-boy type men”.

I’ve seen way too many gentlemen that I KNOW would never hit a female bet passed over and even called names (like Geek, Nerd, Pleb, etc) because they weren’t “bad-boy” enough for their tastes. Well, when you go after one of these guys, where his lawless nature sexually appeals to you, what do you think will happen when you piss him off? Do you think he will abide by the law or follow social morae? Of course not, because that’s what sexually appealed to you.

So you post your video of the bruises and black eyes on Facebook for what reason? Oh, yes. A pity party. Sorry, I don’t pity you. I tried, I really did, but I just can’t.

I write this not because I’m some heartless wife-beater (In fact, I’ve NEVER **INTENTIONALLY** hit my wife — I say intentionally because she will most certainly bring up my sleeping habits and how my elbow has on occasion found her eye). I write this because women need to wake up and think ahead. I write this as a father with two girls that I NEVER want to have to deal with a “baby daddy” who beat the shit out of them, because I would be in prison for murder 1. And I’ve told everyone here, just as I told both of my girls: Go after one of those bad-boys if you want, but when he beats the shit out of you, you better not tell me.

To everyone else, it’s time to accept responsibility. Sure blaming the victim is never a good hand to play, but nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the victim was entirely faultless. A guy sleeping in the same bedroom as Lorena Bobbit and expecting his shit to be attached the next morning is expecting something he can’t have and being unrealistic just like dating a bad-boy and expecting him not to beat the shit out of you at some point is an unrealistic expectation. In both cases, the victims are wrong as well as the perp.