So the guy that has been cyber-stalking me for the past week now gave me a call last night.  In that call, he made some strange claims, such as “I’m untraceable” like some sort of uber cyber ghost.  I told him, very clearly I had a clearance that included ATOMAL, CRYPTO, and HUMIT tags that put me in close enough proximity to CIA assets and agents that I can say, “I worked side-by-side with the CIA”, and I can go even further to say I reported to the NSA.  Anyone familiar with Milstar and JNNOC operations in Stuttgart, Germany, knows what I’m talking about.

You see, the way this guy’s ego works, no one can be smarter than him.  And to drop such claims to him, well it just made me seem that much more outlandish (and in complete honesty, everything I told him was 100% fact).  So, he thought I was “lying”, or at least pretended for his little audio bite he was looking for.

But of course, this was a long time ago but it was post 9-11, when the US Army was asked to assist in intercepting communications that concerned attacks against the United States and allies. With that said, and what we had to do, I can say with 99.9999% certainty that no one is untraceable, in fact, I’ll demonstrate here what just $700.00 in court orders (Orders of Disclosure) will produce.  Now, do keep in mind that the last entry I’ll post here is still waiting for the ISP’s response and from my phone conversation I know without any doubt the guy has an unmistakeable and flawless British accent and dialect even though he at first tried hiding it.

Firstly, I instructed my attorney how to get through the proxies and his hosting ISP replied with:

Obviously, this isn’t his true IP, he’s tunneling.  So we dug around a bit and got a reply that they had two IP’s.

I know what you’re thinking… How long will this take?  Really.   Not long..  Obviously this is not going to get us anywhere, it is either his buddy or he was traveling.  The other IP was worth sending out another order for disclosure:

Now we’re getting hot.  We’re in the UK now, but the problem is, Vodafone is not an ISP, they have tunnels, so we traced that back and sent the order of disclosure and got this result:

BINGO! The city of the assailant with his real ISP. Untraceable he said, LOL.  He has no idea who he’s messing with.  He “thinks” he knows and I just hope he keeps on thinking what he thinks because it is making my job in reigning him in easier and easier. If you were to ask this guy, “it’s just another proxy!”, but that’s not the case, we tested the IP, and there are no proxies on this IP and the reverse dns seems to indicate a residential IP block.  In all of my experience in tracking down “bouncing” communications, when you get to something like this, there is a 99.9999% chance you’ve hit the end of the line.  But if you think that’s a slam dunk, wait until you know that the conversation I recorded with him last night includes his complete confession to the crimes he’s committed including child exploitation in at least 8 counts, stalking, offering medical services without a license to practice, and civil defamation and libel.  The one thing he didn’t count on is that a dumb redneck would know how to coax the FBI to involve interpol, and interpol has some strange affinity for child exploitation crimes.

Dumb rednecks he said.  I love it every single time someone thinks because of my accent that I’m somehow uneducated or that I don’t know how to “act” a part in which gives them a false sense of security.  I’ve played on his ego, and I have won.  He’ll be extradited to the United States, I estimate, as early as May 15, 2017. I expect to have a name and address by the end of the month which I will post here.