So, it came to my knowledge that I have a fan site all about me.  After the initial reading most would likely be flattered, however, utter bs just usually doesn’t settle well with me.

Before we even start listing anything out here I invite any who are curious to run a criminal background check on me at any time:

Michael L Wells
113 Buttonwood Rd
Goldsboro, NC 27530
DOB: April 7, 1981

Credit score: 740
Criminal Records found: 0
Court Actions found: 0
Public Records found: 4 (one of which is my DD-214, another is a deed, one is a corporate certificate, and the other is the EIN certificate)

Just a funny side-story, because of this incident I have called the local law enforcement and as the sergeant said when he checked my own claims, “Well damn, you’re a rare one, an earnest boy scout, my record isn’t this clean!”

To which I replied while pulling my card out of my wallet and showing it to the officer, “Eagle Scout, year 2000, Tuscarora Council, Troop 45, Bill Clinton’s signature is on my card”.

The sergeant burst out in laughter, “Wow! This is surreal.  What is wrong with this guy?  The subject has to have some serious mental disorders to pull this on anyone especially on someone as clean as your record!”

But, let’s get started!

If you view the stylesheets on Eastern Office Furniture NC’s website, you will see that it’s attributed to GWD (Michael’s web development company) and that he has made an effort to replace every instance of the original authors license and name, effectively removing all credit to the author.

You should contact that client and ask her if the original source code and credits were disclosed to her because I can see on her account information page, it was.

This is prohibited in the GPL license and is without a doubt deliberate plagiarism.

The GPL website seems to say otherwise.

Here is where things begin to go terribly wrong — that is when someone starts to use big words that they don’t know the meaning of, like “GPL”. You see, GPL purposely allows you to change software any way you see fit and redistribute that software. While you can’t charge money for that software — ever, you can charge for the distribution of that software and the service in which you changed it. When a license tells you that you can change anything within the software as if it were your own, and redistribute that software so long as the original source code is disclosed to the recipient (which isn’t you btw), there can’t be plagiarism unless, of course you call having someone write social media posts on your behalf plagiarism, because that’s what’s going on here — the author has granted, by means of the GPLv3, rights for anyone to modify their software, including changing the credits, and the redistribution of those changes so long as the source code is distributed within it.

But that’s not even what we’re talking about here because our software is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means, by nature of the GPL we can completely sterilize the GPL code of any copyright bylines and credits so long as we don’t redistribute the code, and SaaS, is not a form of redistribution under the GPLv3 (it is under AGPL). But don’t take my word for it, see what this attorney has to say about it on her blog:

In any theme/style one may aquire, there is more than just a single style-sheet that is used for WordPress.  You generally have multiple style sheets, a functions.php, home.php, single-post.php, header.php, etc.  Usually, our modifications come in the form of secondary (child) stylesheet changes as well as custom functions. But go ahead bub, keep claiming that nothing has changed because the default of the master theme (not the child which is in use) has no change (which is proper WordPress modding).

I’m guessing the client wanted a requirement that Michael design the website from scratch so he made an effort to conceal the fact that it was a publically available template/theme.

Another way things start to go wrong is when one tries to pass speculation off as fact. It is frankly none of your concern what this client wanted, nor is it of your concern how they got it. But I will just say this: A fully customized website underwritten by our copyright agent usually runs about $4,500 (starting) and not many used furniture stores or worm farmers can afford a website at that price. So in an effort to fit a budget, their budget, we provide alternatives and then from those alternatives we provide customizations.

A “hack” is attributed to countries or organizations based on the software used in the attack.

My fellow 74G’s and 74B’s on FB laughed at this, very hard. Our own government can make an attack to appear to be a Chinese or Russian aggression, quite easily. When a country like the United States still “controls” the roots of the internet (IANA, ICANN, etc) and can change internet routing at the flip of a switch, an attack can seem to come from the Mars Curiosity if they wanted (I hear the latency would be terrible).

As far as the signatures within the payload — we laughed even harder as if the US government or any other government couldn’t repurpose known malicious software.

If you’re “hacking” an e-mail server, you’re trying to use an exploit that a person authored.

So, is brute force the exploitation of a vulnerability that someone authored? No. It is not. You seem new to the cracking world, so let me try and help.

There are two easy vectors of attack on an email server, one being plain old IP interception. The other is keylogging. Both are quite easy if you know how to send someone a password protected ZIP archive with the executable inside. Once you have that, you have both the username and password of that user to give you unfettered access to that email server.

That randomtool1.c was written by a person, it has certain language signatures, stylistic paradigms, even borrowed code that can be attributed.

I highly doubt you’re a “forensic” anything. I am. And in the digital world, anything can be faked, cloned, duplicated, replicated, and attributed. I can write PHP code like:

if($amoron): echo $alwaysamoron; endif;

Or I can write PHP like:

if($amoron) {
 echo $alwaysamoron;

And depending upon the complexity of the code, I’m liable to write it either way. And I could easily throw off forensics by simply writing:

if($einIdiot) {
 echo $ImmereinIdiot;

But that must be a German National right? Wrong. And there is where your logic fails and your lunacy shines brightly.

As far as I can tell, the only software you know how to use is WordPress.

You’re right. My primary forte is WordPress plugins. Why re-invent the wheel? So yeah, if WordPress can handle it through plugins, why build a brand new php library? Oh, that’s right, my IQ shouldn’t be high enough to think like that, I guess.

But as far as your claim that I haven’t created any open source software… LOL.

Super CAPTCHA Security Suite – Hardened 3D CAPTCHA

And oh, wait a second…

Overall, the success rate of attacking Super CAPTCHA was lower than
the rest. This is because the lines that are used to build Super CAPTCHA
are generated using Markov-chains. This gives rise to some randomness in the
lines, which makes it more difficult to distinguish between pixels that belong
to the parallel lines and those that belong to the characters. As such, using
larger distortion parameters for the lines will certainly make the CAPTCHA
more difficult to break.

Holy shit, how can someone with an IQ of 50 possibly have academic research on his software!!!

Now it comes down to all of the criminal accusations that were levied against me on the website and for that, I refer you to my opening statement.

But let’s not stop here, how about we begin to level the playing field a bit. Fire with fire, eye-for-an-eye, but instead of fabrications, I’m going to use facts.

Your domain is anonymous — which means you don’t want anyone knowing who you are. You know who else makes outlandish claims behind the cloak of privacy? The CIA, and what is the CIA’s job? Manipulation. Don’t think that anonymity and manipulation go hand-in-hand? Please, give me the name of a single CIA asset or operative on active duty.

I know that can be interpreted as a non-sequitur argument, so let’s look at that a little deeper.

Of course the basic registrar whois turns up basic ID Protection so this guy could be completely anonymous, however, there is something he doesn’t know.  Registrars have “reputation”, that is, how well they vet people and handle abuse complaints.  Obviously, he knew he would get legal abuse complaints and chose a registrar that doesn’t respond to abuse, at all, in fact, his registrar is responsible for many 419 scammer websites that are still online this very moment.

Which brings me to my final point:

While it was incredibly smart of you to remove the images of my children from your website (and other libelous materials that you’ve retracted in part), nothing can ever be truly deleted from the internet and as I already alerted you, CloudFlare had already been sent a Letter of Preservation and has already responded that the caches were preserved under ID#:2017-004821 which lays waiting for the court’s order of disclosure to arrive in their mailbox with the North Carolina Court seal affixed.

Not only did you commit a crime in that, and in your mob lynchings from manufactured claims and allegations, all of that provides irrefutable proof in a court’s eyes that you acted with the intent to do harm and with malice.  Not only do you have just me on your back, but now you have my company on your back, and two of my customers who have both joined the lawsuit.  If you don’t believe me, feel free to email Eastern Office once more and ask.

You know, us little companies, we don’t have much money to spend on attourneys, but we do have liability insurance on our companies and when someone makes accusations that become liabilities, guess who starts paying for our lawyers?  🙂  Good luck.

TL;DR: The only ones who chose anonymity are those with something to hide.  And no matter what this guy accuses me of, no matter the accusations, it is nothing compared to how subhuman he is by posting someone’s minor children on the internet without that parent’s consent to exploit them for personal gain and gratification. Because it merits repeating: SUBHUMAN.