I just got news that the Virginia III’ers were planning a rebellion on July 9th, 2019. In those plans they were going straight up against their state government. This promises to be a deadly clash they can’t win.

I’m hoping that by writing this and getting this post to some of my brothers in Virginia, maybe we can do things the right way and with minimal loss of life.

Seriously, what are your plans, guys/gals? Do you even have a goal? What I mean by that, have you defined what it is you consider victory? Do you have Terms of Surrender? You really need to be thinking about these things before you run off half-cocked. And this has to be approached smart.

In the US Army, I was in the Signal Corps. One of my jobs was designing analytical programs for modeling war games. As a result I was often a participant in these war games. Sometimes I was Blue, sometimes Red. But one war game is very important right now. It was code named, “Red Rebellion”.

As you might guess it was a Sedition War-game where the political Right of the US rebelled against the US Government. In almost every case, the US Government lost except in one scenario – head-on, honorable fight. Why? Because the US doesn’t fight honorably. We fight to win.

However, another scenario was greatly effective and provided ZERO chance of a win to the US Government. I’m going to list this out, step-by-step.


In every major city, you have several cruxes. In this case, people are heavily reliant on power. Kill the power, and they will riot within days and the Democrats lose their voting base (who are all very concentrated in these cities) after just days of rioting among themselves.

It sounds brutal and barbaric but this is a method that is the most efficient way of winning any government confrontation and forces a near immediate surrender. Not to mention, any loss of life is not your fault. It will be a morally bankrupt populace that the city has codified.

This means that any PR that comes out of this minimizes the demonization of the organization. The PR will quickly illuminate the problems of our society and will immediately give you legitimacy. In the war games this was a critical failure of the Blue team.


Once the power grid is down for these major cities, they will be reliant on supplies from outside the city for both repairing the power grid, staying up-to-date on current events, and even replenishing their food supplies.

Cutting this supply line puts a lot of strain on the people in the city. People who may not have been rioting, will. When they begin to realize they can’t have access to Facebook, CNN, and food, their sociopathic nature will shine brightly for the world to see. This is the point in our war game where the Blue team seemed to be inhuman to the rest of the world – alien, even. When the reporters start broadcasting 400lbs people killing each other over a loaf of bread, the entire world will question the legitimacy of the government and the people’s ability to make rational choices in its leadership.


Believe it or not, there are more people in the military that would back the Red team. Nearly 2/3’s of the military would (mostly enlisted) to the point of defection. This was a critical problem for the Blue team that the Red team constantly had an advantage over. In fact, it only takes one Nuclear Sub captain to defect to really change the outcome of a revolution. Once the red team has control of a sub, we’re then viewed by the rest of the world as a nuclear-capable-sovereignty and that’s going to shine the limelight on you.


That was the show-stopper. That also means that it is very unlikely our government will ever do this. But if you can at least get the government to acknowledge there is a war, no matter the PR optics used, they lose legitimacy. No one, anywhere in the world, wants to see any government killing their own people, especially when those people aren’t directly involved in physical violence.


Believe it or not, we have them. While the US Media has largely blacked it out, Russia has promised air support, ground support, and communications support should at any point the “Political Right” in the USA ever commit to an act of organized sedition.

But be careful here. China has also promised the same to the Left.


No matter the scenario, when you fight an asymmetrical war against the US or State Governments, it’s too easy to win and I highly suspect that’s why the electoral college didn’t rebel against the people when we selected Trump – oh, they wanted to, but the US Government is scared to death that a scenario like I just described will be used. Hopefully, thanks to me, it will be as an alternative to a bloody war.

That means simply this – going toe-to-toe with the US Government or a State Government will only get you killed. However, taking out the power grid, infrastructure, runways, airports – in other words, completely shutting down a city and forcing it’s inhabitants to survive on their own for a few weeks, will cause so much chaos the government will be forced to a) Surrender or b) Lose their entire liberal voting base and become incapable of winning an election for the next 64 years.

If you want to affect change by force, abandon your plans – follow the plan I outlined for guaranteed success.